Milt Gross

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Milt Gross Fur and Wide (5-12-28)

Escaped convict (11-10-29) 

A Spectacular Milt Gross Back to School Screwball Comics (4-5-31)

Three Magnificent Milt Gross Messterpieces (11-30-30, 12-7-30, 12-14-30)

The Escalated Hypocrisy of Milt Gross' Count Screwloose (1-18-31)

Milt Gross Original Art - Count Screwloose (11-11-31)

Dave's Delicatessen:

A Guffaw-Inducing Milt Gross Sunday Featuring J.R., The Speckled Wonder (1931?)


Some Nize Milt Gross Rarities


Milt Gross

Milt Gross was very likely the greatest screwball cartoonist. A biography of his life can be read at Wiki here.

(March 4, 1895 – November 29, 1953)



An example of Gross' later comic book
work from Moon Mullins #5 (1948)

Book illustration from Pasha The Persian (1936)


  1. Comic Gold....

    Just read Craig Yoe's The Complete Milt Gross Comic Books and Life Story... Most Humorous...

  2. Hey Paul, thanks for the comment. The comics in the volume you mention are great stuff. However, I found the presentation of the book itself to be extremely disappointing. The so-called "life story" is hardly that. The art is reproduced poorly. And it's not the complete comic book work of Gross. I wouldn't mind this book so much if we lived in a world where old comics were so popular that the market could support more than one lavish hardcover book on Gross -- but that's not the case, and so this hastily made book blows the chance to create something much more valuable. I don't even own the book, as much as I love the work of Gross. This book packager has done the same with Herriman's Tiger Tea strips (the book only offers a fraction of the episodes in this series), and so many others. In the long run, these slap-dash projects do far more damage than good. Milt deserves better.